sabato 14 luglio 2012

Annual Report of Progress and Attainment

Reception class - July 2012

Personal, social and emotional development
I. is a very popular, confident and settled member of the class. He is a bright able boy who loves school life. He plays confidently with his peers and mixes freely in different play situations. He is very sensitive and caring towards others and can be relied upon to be helpful and supportive in class. I. enjoys talking to adults and is always keen to work alongside them. He injoys working on special projects. He is always well behaved and demonstrates a clear understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. He always responds readly to requests. I. is able to talk about his feeling and concerns in a very mature manner. He is able to express his emotions and can consider issues from a different perspective.
Effort: Excellent
Progress: Excellent
Next steps: To show greater confidence in his own work and when sharing ideas

Communication, language and literacy
I. has mastered English very quickly. He expresses himself clearly and his vocabulary has improved enormously. He displays a good command of spoken English and structures longer and more complex sentences with increased grammatical accuracy. He likes talking and develops his ideas in conversations. He enjoys playing with his friends and plays imaginatively in fantasy play situations. I. loves looking at books and always listens attentively to stories. He can retell well-known tales, answer questions and predict likely story outcomes. I. has made outstanding progress in reading. He is a confident reader who enjoys reading independently. He is emerging as a very confident writer and can write short pieces of fiction and non-fiction unaided.
Effort: Excellent
Progress: Excellent
Next steps: To continue reading fiction and non-fiction books of his own interest.

Mathematical development
I. has a sound grasp of all basic mathematical concepts. He has good rote counting skills and can read, order and type numbers beyond 50+. He can complete simple mental addition and subtraction problems and is able to solve more complex problems when using counting aids. He enjoys problem solving activities and is able to apply himself with purpose. He can sort, match, sequence and order items following given criteria. He displays a sound understanding of basic prepositional concepts and now uses these correctly in his free play situations. I. can copy and continue repeating patterns and can create patterns independently. He has acquired a sound knowledge of 2D shapes.
Effort: Excellent
Progress: Excellent
Next steps: To consolidate his knowledge of 3D shapes.

Knowledge and understanding of the world
I. is a motivated boy who shows interest and enthusiasm for all classroom activities. He has good scientific skills and a good general knowledge. He can make observations and comparisons, ask questions, make sensible predictions and anticipate  likely outcomes. I. enjoys all types of discovery play and explores play materials confidently. He likes playing with small representational toys and can create interesting scenes. I. is skilled at using the computer and regularly devotes time to this undertaking, working through programs independently. I. enjoys going on class outings, always displaying interest and lots of enthusiasm. He can talk confidently about past experiences.
Effort: Excellent
Progress: Excellent
Next steps: To visit and talk about different historical settings.

Creative development
I. enjoys most artistic acrivities and is able to produce detailed work. He ha shown commitment when drawing and painting. He has listened attentively to different musical and drama performances. He is able to state preferences and can talk about the things he has seen and heard. He joins in class singing sessions and has experimented with different musical instruments. I. enjoys playing with representational toys. He concentrates for long periods and displays imagination and creativity. He enjoys playing fantasy games with his friends and is able to adopt, sustain and develop roles displaying knowledge and imagination.
Effort: Good
Progress: Good
Next steps: To learn more songs and rhymes

Physical development
I. is confident and skilled in his movements. He has made excellent use of all the outdoor toys and climbing structures. He has made good use of small equipment and demonstrates good games skills. He has partecipated enthusiastically in gymnastics sessions and has made good progress. He is confident and happy when demonstrating simple routines to the class. He always listens carefully and is confident and self-assured when attempting new undertakings. I. has good fine motor skills. He handles classroom tools confidently. He enjoys modelling with construction sets and is able to construct skilfully. He uses scissors confidently displaying skill and accuracy in cutting.
Effort: Excellent
Progress: Excellent
Next steps: To continue to develop his interest in ball games

General comment
It has been a joy teaching I. this year. He is a delightful member of the class. He is a sensitive, caring and considerate boy. He is always polite and really well behaved. His love of reading is brilliant. It has been a pleasure working with I. and I wish him every success in Year 1.
General behaviour: Excellent
Overall progress: Excellent

Disposition and Attitudes: 9
Social Development: 9
Emotional Development: 8
Language for communicating and thinking:8
Linking sounds and letters: 9
Reading: 9
Writing: 9
Numbers as lables for counting: 9
Calculating: 9
Shape, space and measures: 8
Knowledge and understanding of the world: 8
Physical development: 8
Creative development: 7
Overall score: 110


Non che sia chissà che. 
E' solo il primo report della carriera scolastica di I.
E' la sua prima pagella.
E' la nostra prima occhiata ufficiale dal di fuori, distaccata, da un altro punto di vista.
E siamo così emozionati, maneggiamo con cura il plico di fogli, lo sfogliamo, lo spulciamo, lo rileggiamo, lo riponiamo, lo riprendiamo, incantati. 
Eh sì basta così poco per rammollire il cuore di mamma e papà.

So che è stupido, ma ogni volta che rileggo quelle parole, non posso fare a meno di sorridere. Poi mi guardo questo brilliant boy, e capisco che alle volte basta poco, un piccolo specchio che rifletta qualcosa che pensiamo di conoscere, per tornare a stupirci, e capire che no, non conosciamo proprio niente.
E' che a volte noi genitori crediamo di sapere, e invece non sappiamo. 
Crediamo di conoscere e indovinare, ma giochiamo a fare i grandi.

We love you so so so so much, I.
Sempre e comunque.

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smilemamysmile ha detto...

Cmplimenti Ivan! Sei bravissimo!Che bello ricevere questo plico...anche noi lo abbiamo ricevuto venerdi', dopo la graduation, e come voi ce lo stiamo riguardando e rileggendo con orgoglio. Come capisco i miei genitori, i nostri genitori, tutti i genitori!I successi scolastici, anche se si tratta di reception, sono davvero una grande soddisfazione, soprattutto se consideriamo da dove sono partiti i nostri piccoli e lo sforzo che hanno fatto all'inizio e tutto l'anno!baravissimi ometti!continuate cosi'...

Anonimo ha detto...

Mi sono commossa anche io, come se fosse figlio mio

barbamamma ha detto...

we love you too ivan!!!!!
Complimenti davvero!!!